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  on of fisheries and mercantile shipping, had difficulty in developing good harbors suitable for steamships:eventually they did so at Rotterdam and Amsterdam, with exceptional results for transit trade with Germany and central Europe and for the processing of overseas foodstuffs and raw materials (sugar, tobacco, chocolate, grain, andeventually oil). (TPO18, 59)


  有着长期渔业和商业海运传统的荷兰人,在发展适合蒸汽船的好港口上有困难:最后他们在Rotterdam and Amsterdam这样做了,并因为和欧洲以及中欧的贸易以及加工海洋产品以及原材料(如糖、烟草、巧克力、谷物以及油),从而取得了杰出的成果。



  对环境有好处 :benefits the environment


  成本高: be far more costly than xxx

  注册费:registration fee,

  维修费:maintenance cost

  油费:gas money


  排放尾气 :pollute the air and emit greenhouse gas

  占用空间: take up a lot of valuable space

  本可以用来: could have been used for other purpose, building a library, garden, park or playground for the kids

  制造噪音: create lots of noise



  To be a successful person, one must be open to new ideas and willing to change his or her mind. (160618大陆)


  题目大意:要想取得成功,人们必须要接受新的观点并且愿意改变自己原有的观点。此题目选择同意比较好写,在去想分论点时,有两种方式可以用:第一种就是去想why, 理由一:接受新的观点可以更好地适应变化的环境;理由二,接受新的观点可以与别人建立良好的关系。第二种去拆分举例,拆分职业: 第一种职业IT 行业的人;第二种职业老师。


  Under the current society full of intense competitions, how to achieve success has never failed to arouse deep concern and interest among the general public. Thereof, a good deal of accomplished businessmen and elites are strong believers of the claim that to be a successful person, one must be open to new ideas and willing to change his or her mind.Towards such a complicated issue, I am in favor of the above claim for the following reasons.

  In the first place, being receptive to new ideas can help people to better adapt to the constantly changing environment and thus become successful. As is common sense, no matter what fields or areas you are engaged in, change has become the perpetual topic, which means that what you held firmly onto before may become outdated and even misleading overnight. In other words, only those people with open mind towards new things can keep pace with the changes of time and are more likely to achieve success. By contrast, rejecting any new ideas and never changing one's mind, people will be gradually surpassed or even replaced by other competitors. A good case in point is the collapse of Nokia Company, the once most famous cell phone brand. On account of showing no acceptance to the new operating system Android, the Nokia has announced bankruptcy and has been acquired by Microsoft Company. The same logic can apply to any individuals who are stubborn.

  Besides that, embracing new ideas can help people to build harmonious rapport with more people, leading to the higher likelihood of becoming successful. More scrutiny has made it conspicuous that an attitude of open-mindedness is strongly correlated to one's popularity among others, especially in a work team. The underlying reason is that anyone who has a willingness to listen to new thoughts tends to leave a good impression and thereof gains help or assistance from others when faced with troubles in the path to success. Also, being open-minded helps you work through interpersonal or intra-team conflicts that arise when people work in close quarters. By contrast, insisting on one' own view stubbornly usually not only build a barrier for establishing the friendship but also serves as the origin of quarrel or conflicts with other people. Put it another way, people without a spirit of listening and cooperation have difficulty in completing any projects, let alone, become successful.

  Indeed, accepting new ideas may make people feel uncomfortable, because they are forced to get out their comfort zone. However, the above reasoning does not bear deep analysis. To illustrate, it is an indisputable fact that success relies on nothing but innovation driven by constantly taking in original and creative ideas and thoughts. Consequently, factoring what has been mentioned above, we can conclude that showing acceptance to new ideas and changing one's mind accordingly are of great necessity for the sake of achieving success.



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